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About Me

I'm Angie.  I am a home cook and have always found great joy in feeding my family and preparing food for friends.  I started planning menus, shopping, and preparing dinners for my family in high school and have enjoyed those tasks ever since.  Although fulfilling in many ways, my career as a paralegal took me out of my element for about 15 years.  Having that career gave me invaluable insight into the busy life of a working mom and great understanding for the difficulty of providing healthy homemade meals.  I could see this was an issue for almost all of my friends as well.  I knew there was an answer and started developing the DinnerGirl plan while continuing my "day job" in 2010.  With support from so many friends and family, I am now able to make DinnerGirl my full-time job.  I am so thankful that my customers have trusted me to feed their families - that is a BIG deal and I take it very seriously.  I am ServSafe certified meaning that I know and am in compliance with all food safety laws. 

I have two awesome kids - Ally and Myles - who have sometimes enjoyed my kitchen experimentation and sometimes not!  They have taught me about juggling schedules and trying to satisfy and sustain growing bodies!  I have one amazing husband - Andy.  He is a school administrator and always enjoys my cooking (even if he doesn't)!  His work ethic has helped make it possible for me to make this career move and I am so grateful.

DinnerGirl is my alter-ego.  I think of her as part of my family.  Thank you for letting me try to make her part of yours.  I think we can conquer the dinner dilemma together!